חברה, מדינה ואמונה

דוח מקיף בנושא המלחמה באנטישמיות שחיבר חברנו – מר מוריס לוי – יו"ר הליכוד בטורקיה


Re-established in its homeland following a great and bloody struggle, Israel has up-to-day achieved to have become a favorite country thanks to industrial, military, medical and lately technological advances, know-how and revolutions it has attained, reached the zenith among world countries with especially medicinal and technological innovations, garnering the most number of Nobel Prizes in comparison with its total population.


However, in the past 65 years since its inception, in spite of all these advancements, unfortunately She has failed to establish its primarily political and juridical image at home and abroad. This image consists of a very wide perspective. One could begin with Jews of the world living outside of Israel.


Today, the number of Jews in the world reaches approximately 20 million of which
7 million live in
Israel, 6 million in Americas and Africa. The number of Jews living in Arab countries is minimal while their number in our greatest enemy, Iran, is reported to be about 15,000. The reason to this worldwide dispersion is for their continual search for a safe haven for 2000 years, living without a homeland. Through history and since their beginnings, they been subject to injustice, brutality, and massacres, shoved around in their own lands as well as the lands they have traveled to. Beginning with the Pharaohs, they have faced Nebuchadnezzar, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Russians, Spanish, and latest one of the greatest genocides of history, the Nazi persecution. Facing all the injustice and oppression, the Jews have, sometimes inadvertently struggled to adapt to the regimes and lifestyles of the countries they lived in; to confront the tyranny of their country, they reluctantly had to somehow isolate themselves from the joys of life to live an introverted life, unawares of the world around them. The course of events coerced them into an unbreakable, inseparable bond and unity among themselves, pushing them further to embrace our Holy Faith. They have also established ghettos where they lived together and practiced art, literature, philosophy, and many areas of science. Adding all sorts of commerce and banking skills into these trades, they slowly started to stand out in the crowd in their countries, raising major, celebrated philosophers, scientists and literary dignitaries.


In spite of all these developments, it was conspicuous to observe this stateless nation, dispersed all over the world succeeding in almost every area, and not be assimilated despite their ability to adapt the communities they live in. The non-Jews’ perspectives of the Jews started to change and they begin to unjustly expel the Jews from their communities. In a short time, all over the world, the point of view altered and the Jewish nation was subject to injustice, hostility, antagonism, with ideas and expressions opposing them finally culminating in actions feeding from hate and spite. The common term for this view of hostility that continues to exist even today in the so-called democratic and modern world is ANTI-SEMITISM. It has been determined as the universal term for opposing Jewry originating from the fact that the Jews belong to the Sami tribe. Unfortunately, with the establishment of the State of Israel, anti-Zionism was added to this notion.



Although it has been described many times before, the best description that fits is as follows: Anti-Semitism is the physical and psychological hate that non-Jews feel towards this nation for their achievements. There are many types of anti-Semitism –this hateful notion is transformed like a chameleon with regards to the region or country in which it exists, similar to a cancerous growth.


Types of Anti-Semitism


General Anti- Semitism




Academic Scientific














Commercial (boycott)



As seen in the above graph, although anti-Semitism has many different types, the most widespread types are Theocratic, Media-based, Internet and Ideological Anti-Semitism. To analyze each:


Theocratic Anti-Semitism

It is the notion of opposing Jews based completely on religion. It is atype of anti-Semitism attempting to disseminate that the Jewish sacred text, the Torah, is wrongful and that it was altered and distorted by rabbis after it was bestowed by God and received by Moshe Rabbenu, that this book does not exist today, the Kabbalah teachings are fabricated as a trap to delude, that the notion of Promised Land is a fabrication, Jewry is a trap fabricated to exploit the world.

It is currently one of the most common types of anti-Semitism. Although prevalent with Christianity too, it is most seen with Islam. Islamic terror, aggressiveness, mass murders, arsons, violence, suicide attacks, collective attacks, acts of sabotage are all radical actions instigated by theocratic anti-Semitism –the origin of all anti-Semitic views. It is prevalent in Iran, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and in Christian countries such as Spain, Greece, Venezuela, Hungary, Austria, Armenia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and France.


Social Anti-Semitism

It exists in all countries including Islam countries, and in all levels of society. These people will not make friends with Jews, and even if they do, it will be out of their benefits; they will walk out as soon as they are finished with the Jew. Unanimously, they criticize the state of Israel, its policies, the lifestyles of Jews, the policies of Israel against the Palestinians, and act as if they are the defenders of Arabs. They get rude when someone defends Israel, and immediately bring forth radical conversations. They claim that they have a humanist point of view, talking about human rights, and try to find your Achilles ’ heel as a Jew. They are mostly socialists, harboring latent jealousies. They are mostly unsuccessful losers with inferiority complex; sulking though occasionally with a fake smile, with an underlying jealousy and hate. Even if they befriend you, it’s probably for a self-satisfying cause. They are also quite gossipers.

They are conceited know-alls when confronted with the Jews. They are mostly found in the intellectual socialist societies of Europe and where Muslims are concentrated in the USA. When these people hear about Israel mentioned, they turn their heads, trying to humiliate Jews or prove them wrong in a discussion, as such satisfying their pathetic nature.


Personal Anti-Semitism

This is the type of anti-Semitism that originates from fabricated information and misinterpretations and lies that one acquires from acquaintances, family members, friends, relatives, anti-Semitic institutions, or through the media or the Internet. They combine hearsay with their own anti-Semitist or anti-Israel sentiments. It is a covert hateful sentiment that could be most encountered in country folk, the proletariat, and also within the intellectuals. It is the personal manifestation of the social anti-Semitism, encountered as a chainlike gossip spreading at social, friendly or family gatherings. It is most encountered with public workers, non-Jewish religious clergy, military staff, business people in contact with Arabs, and often with university professors. It is a manifestation of social and theocratic anti-Semitism in personal levels, dangerously prone to be spread person to person, including violence and hostility.


Economic Anti-Semitism

This is the type of anti-Semitism that is encountered in European Union countries, Nordic countries, European Union organizations, industry units of socialist institutions that defend so-called human rights, large industries which have large commercial ties with Arab countries, and arms traders. Because most of these establishments and firms comprise Arab capitals, they apply overt or covert economic sanctions to Israel. They use unreal slogans and symbols such as “do not buy Israeli products; money paid for Israeli produce is support to Israeli economy and the death of an Arab brother, it means servicing Zionism; Boycott Israel; death to the exploitation system.” As Arab capital increases worldwide, Economic Anti-Semitism also rises. The latest example is the threat made by countries such as France, UK, Norway, Sweden following the UN statehood of Palestine (as observer state) for the restriction of Israeli products in these countries. In the near future, a general embargo seems plausible. This type of anti-Semitism is dangerous and would globally affect finance and lifestyles including humiliation.


Geopolitical Anti-Semitism

This is a new type of anti-Semitism that is a complex blackmail strategy shaped by adversary countries and friendly countries which use the interests of Israel as leverage or threat. Hostile countries bring forth some concessions and bring them to the UN agendas to hamper Israel, to sabotage the close ties between Israel and other countries. The most recent example is Iran, who uses Israel’s Dimona power plant to prevent its own nuclear facilities being inspected by the UN. Other examples are Turkey and Lebanon unjustly claiming the Mediterranean natural gas, Turkey closing its airspace to Israeli warplanes following the Mavi Marmara incident, and the incident itself. This type of anti-Semitism is an isolationist strategy that can instigate hostility between states.


Bilateral Anti-Semitism

This is a new type of anti-Semitism that is prevalent between states as well as international organizations, international scientific institutions and universities, and especially the people. It is a hypocritical policy that states use to look good to both Israel and the Arab countries. Almost all European Union countries possess it. Lately the Obama administration has adopted it to look good to both Turkey and Arabs. Both pro and con decisions are ruled in the said countries. The latest example is the European Union forcing Israel and the Palestinians to start peace negotiations, the American government to condemn actions for the building of new settlements. This type of anti-Semitism exists not only in states, but also in important international establishment and universities. On one hand, they try to justify Israeli policies, one the other criticize them. As mentioned earlier, it is a complex relation, often used for double-agentry, which is found in Russia.


Cultural Anti-Semitism

This is the most prevalent type of anti-Semitism in the world following theocratic and media anti-Semitism, also the most harmful to Israel and Jewry directly on indirectly. It is siblings to Internet Anti-Semitism. Opposition to Israel and Jewry spreads to the world primarily through TV, radio, books, magazines, and most importantly the Internet. Our global analyses prove that there are 2,986 anti-Israel and anti-Jew blogs on the Internet, of which their distribution by countries is as follows:




Number of websites & blogs

Arab countries


European Union countries


Asian countries




Russia and FSU countries


North American countries


Nordic countries





The reason for the lower number of websites and blogs in the Arab countries in comparison to European countries is due to lower Internet usage rates. The largest number of anti-Israel and anti-Jew blogs and websites among Muslim countries is led by Turkey with 458 websites and 4 TV stations and 7 private radio stations. Iran has 214 websites and blogs. The reason for the low number is the restrictions on the Internet. In parallel, there are 11 TV stations and 5 state-run radios in this country which air completely anti-Semitic programs. Iran is followed by Egypt with 102 anti-Semitic websites or blogs, 12 TV stations, and 7 state-run radio stations with completely anti-Semitic programs and broadcasts. After the deposition of Husni Mobarak, anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments have grown tenfold. One more thing to be considered is the innumerable anti-Israel and anti-Jew websites and blogs ran by Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Although the known number is only 32 in the region, becaue many websites are linked and integrated to European Union and USA-based so-called human rights organizations, the number reaches 190. There are 2 TV channels in the West Bank and 1 TV station and 2 radio stations in Gaza. This region harbors the most radical and hostile broadcasts.


Internet Anti-Semitism

The worldwide web, which has developed and spread vastly in the past 15 years, can be considered one of the greatest cultural gifts to humanity in the 21st century. Despite the facilities and advantages it has brought in terms of education and communication, it also harbors evil. Today, while you one present and promote an object on the Internet, one can also badmouth it. Internet also serves to promote an idea or cause one fights for. All these facilities serve for those who work for the good of humanity as well as those who oppose it.

Facing all these developments, the enemies of Israel and Jews abuse this tool completely in order to spread anti-Semitism to the whole world. This issue was mentioned under Cultural Anti-Semitism with the information that there exists around 3,000 websites and blogs on the Internet that contain all types of anti-Semitism. As a result of our analyses, a very impressive and terrifying consequence is revealed: if 10 people would visit these sites on one day, each day 32,846 people would acquire negative thoughts on Israel or Jews. This number would account up to 11,988,790 people in a year, which is a horrifying figure. There are as many anti-Semitic newsgroups and forums on the Internet as well. Following Arabs, anti-Israel ideas are spread mostly by left-leaning human rights organizations which act as if they were defenders of Arabs and Palestinians, making anti-Israel propaganda. Everything including libel, lies, photo-manipulations, depicting unreal incidents, disinformation, humiliating Israel is valid in their methods. Panel discussions on TV programs, deliberate TV shows prepared by anti-Semitic political analysts are fashionable in order to defame the history of Jews. In the past 10 years, the Palestinians their fierce accomplices, the leftists prepared “Baby and Poverty” strategies presenting them as the world’s poorest and most pitiable nation under oppression. The most successful propaganda tool used by them are dead bodies of babies and children killed in clashes in order to fool the world public agenda. Especially intellectuals in the European Union fall for these lies and believe in these untrue and imaginary scenarios, change their ideas about Israel and Jews.


Media-Based Anti-Semitism

This type of anti-Semitism is a relative of Cultural, Internet Anti-Semitism. To advertize any event or incident instantly to the masses is possible through primarily TV, radio, and newspapers. The most popular mass communication tools are TV stations. Currently there are 2,314 TV stations all over the world and 4,221 radio stations, and 3,488 newspapers. Thanks to these tools, people in different parts of the world can instantly learn events and incidents. Research shows that countries with powerful medias can better promote and advertise themselves, can easily convey negative or positive ideas to hostile or close countries. Methods used in Internet anti-Semitism now refer to greater masses and more widespread with media anti-Semitism. Countries that oppose Jews and Israel use this dangerous weapon and try to attain their goals through anti-propaganda. These kinds of publications and broadcasts are seen the most in Iran and Turkey following Arab countries, and followed by Nordic countries. At first sight categorized as Cultural Anti-Semitism, Media Anti-Semitism is more comprehensive as the former. The twin to this type of anti-Semitism is Propaganda Anti-Semitism, which is also very dangerous. This type of anti-Semitism is spread through movies, stage plays and TV documentaries. Lately especially Iran-produced Zahra's Blue Eyes, The Survivor, A Separation, and the Turkey-produced Valley of Wolves: Palestine are considered. These films are completely imaginary, and thoroughly filled with anti-Israel propaganda. Thousands watching these films will have negative sentiments formed about Israel and Jews.


Academic Anti-Semitism

This type of anti-Semitism is an offspring of Scientific Anti-Semitism and the little brother of Cultural Anti-Semitism. It can be described as anti-Israel and anti-Jewish activities in the academia and universities in which professors, associate professors, and lecturers vilify Zionism and Jews. This kind of activity and propaganda is a mission of systematically inserting these thoughts into the young minds of students. Sadly, these scientists, who have been directly or indirectly fed by Arab funds are almost all left-inclined. Amongst those serving the enemies of Jews include Jewish professors and academicians we label as traitors or enemies of the state/nation.


Anti-Zionist Jewish Academicians in Treason

Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Gilad Atzmon, Lenni Brenner, Israel Shamir are among them. These traitors have poisoned many young minds including Rachel Corrie, a Jewish-American student, who was trying to block Israeli bulldozers in order to defend Palestinian terrorists when she was run over, an incident that has consequently proved to be twice beneficial for the traitor academicians –they have brainwashed an innocent Jewish student and they have presented the Israeli army as a monstrous power.

Unfortunately traitors like them are numerous in Israeli universities. They are known to be working with so-called human rights organizations supported with Arab funds. Some of them are known to be serving at Haifa Technion University, David Ben Gurion University in Beersheba at various departments. Mostly supported by the leftist political party Meretz, leftist human rights associations and Arab-funded organizations within the European Union, they can also be frequented in other Israeli universities.


Theocratic Inward Anti-Semitism

This is a very dangerous type of anti-Semitism that is in conflict with the Jewish Religion. They have a ridiculous faith that the State of Israel will not be built before the coming of Mashiach, and even if it were built, it would never be legitimate in God’s View, and that the Jewish nation should never possess a military force. They are named “Hasidim”, and their international association is called “Neturei Karta” (The Guardians of the City). These fake zealots are numerous in Israel. They are based in New York. These presumptuous and irresponsible people are at the front lines of anti-Israel protests with rabbi outfits. They are a disgrace to Jewry. They have even met with the lead terrorist Ahmedinejad, the president of Iran. They have many organizations in the world, and these traitors of the nation are trying to shoot us with our own weapons.


Military Anti-Semitism

This is a new notion and can be described as the boycotting or condemnation of Israel at conferences or military maneuvers. Although the victories of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are taught at military schools or academies of many countries as case studies, these institutions still disgrace IDF as an occupying power. The most recent example is Turkey canceling its common maneuvers at the Mediterranean with Israel following the Mavi Marmara incident and vetoing Israel’s military ties with NATO. Moreover, the Nordic countries Sweden and Norway also are unsympathetic towards IDF’s cooperation with NATO.


Medical Anti-Semitism

This type of anti-Semitism can be described as enemy scientists badmouthing or boycotting of medical innovations, or methods, medicine, medical devices or cures devised by Israeli technology. This kind of anti-Semitism is prevalent in Turkey, Arab countries, Hungary, France, and Nordic countries.



This concept is fairly new, inferred by enemy states or anti-Semitic organizations following the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. This concept is considered new, of course compared to a 5772-year-long time span. Its mission is to divide and passivate Jewry.

They claim to be against the radical policies adopted by Israel against Palestinians, Arabs and other nations, and not Jewry only. Their goal is to ensure the especially the Jewish Nation to lose sympathy against the State of Israel, stripping Jews of their own identity and pushing them towards a sentiment of guilt. Currently many state presidents make statements at especially universities, academia, websites, and Bilateral Anti-Semitic associations claiming that they are “not against Jewry but Zionism.” This is the most dangerous and most concealed strategy of dividing. However, Zionism is the general name given to Jewish Nationalism, and the State of Israel is its center. As such, alienating the Jew anywhere in the world from the State of Israel aims at making him/her hate Israel. This threat cannot be noticed immediately, but the word play is discerned shortly. This type of discourse is most prevalent in Arab countries, Turkey, and Nordic countries, but it has been spread lately to the world.


Anti- Zionism









Psychological Anti-Zionism

It is a very dangerous divisive strategy that begins with frequently lauding the Jewish Nation, its worldwide achievements, its valiance, and determination; however they claim that these virtues are not in accord with Zionism, that they like Jews but are against Zionism, which should be eradicated, and they do not agree with its radical and racist policies and views. This type of anti-Semitism is in coordination with Bilateral, Cultural, Media, and Internet Anti-Semitism. It is especially efficient in brainwashing the youth. In the face of unpleasant statements such as the above, one should say that “all Jews are Zionists, because Zionism is an inseparable part of Judaism.” Psychological anti-Zionism was first used during congresses, meetings, conferences, panel discussions and political statements within the UN following the establishment of the State of Israel by enemy or sometimes friendly countries. These ugly and divisive statements are still used.


Theocratic Anti-Zionism

It is a divisive concept claiming that the policies of the State of Israel today are not in accord with the Sacred Jewish religion. It is also used by the Turkish PM Tayyip Erdoğan following the Mavi Marmara incident. It also prompts that the Kabbalistic teachings were fabricated by Rabbis in order to brainwash the non-Jews with mystical ideas. Their biggest slogan is “although the Torah –sacred book of the Jews– order to not kill, Israel kills Arabs.” This slogan also is used together with the claim that the Holy Land promised by God to the Jews is a lie. This divisive Religious anti-Semitism is like a brother to Psychological Anti-Zionism that aims especially at religious Jews.


Para-Psychological Anti-Zionism

It targets especially the less educated, middle-class and superstitious Jewish and non-Jewish people. It advocates that the Jewish religion is intertwined with sorcery, that all evil on earth originates from the Jews, the Rabbis are sorcerers, and the most important of all, Jews are condemned by God and the sign is the Star of David (Magen David). It is a horrible kind of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. It targets especially less educated people. It goes together with Internet anti-Semitism. It is frequented on the Internet in anti-Zionist websites.


Financial Anti-Zionism

It is an interesting type of anti-Zionism claiming that the Jews have constructed a global exploitation structure utilizing the wealth they have made through unjust, undercover and illegitimate methods, and that they run the world using this mechanism. Among the methods it uses are using the graphics on the US Dollar bills claiming that the eye on the top of the pyramid is the Eye of God (Jwah) and through this eye, the Jews run the world. Parallel to this, they also tell that the Masonic order is established by Jews in order to influence and rule the non-Jews and divide countries. It is siblings with Commercial Anti-Semitism. It is one of the best methods used to hamper the commercial activities of Jews in the world. Mostly Arab countries and leftist associations and organizations use this method.


Militarist Anti-Zionism

It is a type of anti-Semitism that presents the IDF as an occupying and invasive force. Their propaganda is based on the defamation that the IDF is a monstrous power that occupies territories in order to claim the lands that God has promised through our sacred book, the Torah. To brainwash youth, it is propagated by Arab countries, leftist organizations and fractions.


Racial Anti-Zionism

Taking off from the Zionism teaching of the Jewish Nation and of the State of Israel, and the belief of a superior race, this kind of dangerous anti-Semitism defaces and slanders all kinds policies of the State of Israel. It is frequently observed in the speeches given at the UN General Assembly. It is seen in Arab countries, leftist organizations, human rights associations, Turkey, France, and in almost all countries of the world. It is a divisive type of anti-Semitism.




Through 5772 years from the day our Holy Religion was bestowed to Moshe Rabenu, the Jewish Nation has gone through innumerable hardships and misfortunes. But why?

The Jewish Nation, since the first day it was formed has stood up to all kinds of oppression, cruelty, discrimination, expulsion, massacres and genocides without being degenerated, without any concessions from their bonds to each other. A nation so determined, tenacious, and resistant has not walked on earth before; they are unique and unequalled. THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD CONCEAL THEIR ADMIRATION AND JEALOUSY UNDER THE MASK OF ANTI-SEMITISM.

Many foreign scientists who have analyzed the Jewish Nation physiologically or psychologically have detected many special genes which are not found in any other nation’s members. These genes which have been transferred from generation to generation indicate that the Jews really have a holy and mystical bond with God. Our holy book Torah mentions the term “chosen people,” which confirms this fact. Many holy Kabbalistic teachings offer direct paths to approach God. An esoteric information source of this kind does not exist anywhere else in the world, and even if it does, it is plagiarized from Jewish teachings.

Raising innumerable scientists, bringing to the world innumerable inventions and innovations, winning the most number of Nobel prizes in proportion with its total population, this Nation’s gifts to the world are numerous. In return, humanity has always regarded this Nation as foreigners, and treated them like aliens from outer space. This attitude is going on. But why? When we examine three ­greatest divine religions, we see that Islam and Christianity maligns and insults each other and then Judaism. Let’s examine the most radical religion, Islam:



Based on violence, invasive, with its own set of rules, endorsing missionary activities through various methods and ways. Their holy book is a series of dozens of tales that advocate that jihad is essential for Islam, and that women can be used as slaves. One of these tales in verses (ayah) is Al-Maida 5:51 which is significant: “O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you - then indeed, he is [one] of them.” Islam is the last religion and is completely copied and plagiarized from the Jewish religion. For example they have copied and extracted actions such as circumcision, sacrifices, fasting, etc. It is a religion that is prohibitive, intolerant, spread through violence. The sharia law inhibits science and reform. It reviles the most at Judaism, denying that Judaism is the first religion and the first monotheistic religion. There are currently more than a billion Muslims in the world. Their prophet is Mohammad. Its schools include Sunni, Shia, Hanifa, Ezidi, Alewite, etc. Polygamy is allowed. It is a monotheistic religion and its holy book is the Quran.



It follows Judaism, and was spread by Jesus of Nazareth and his 12 apostles. It is relatively more tolerant than Islam, open to reform, however with many strict rules. It is allowed to eat pork. It accepts missionary activities as a mission however applies this through brainwashing. Confession is frequent. It also reviles at Judaism and Islam as well. Most crucial is the fact that 1983 years ago, their prophet Jesus was tried by the Jewish Council with the crime of propagating a new religion against Judaism and punished with crucifixion. Their belief dictates that Jesus was conceived by the intercourse of his mother Mary and God and that he is the son of God. As a consequence of such a narrow-minded and strict view, the Christian world, with the pretext that Jesus was crucified by Jews, carried their hate and spite against the Jews until today. Because the world’s most advanced countries are Christians, they harbor anti-Semitic sentiments. Christianity is a monotheistic religion. Its prophet is Jesus of Nazareth. Its major denominations are Protestantism, Catholicism, and Orthodoxy, but there are many sects of various sizes. Its holy book is the Bible. There are approximately 2 billion Christians in the world.



It is the first monotheistic religion. It is like the mother of all religions. It is the most tolerant religion. It has no missionary principles, and no prohibitions except for two or three. It is a flawless structure with extraordinary missions and principles, miraculously leading humanity to God. It has ruled on earth since 5772 years. Its most important symbol is the 10 Commandments. It endorses monogamy. Although Judaism is maligned by all other religions, Judaism does not malign any because no other religions existed when it was sent to Earth. Its prophet is Moshe and its holy book is the Torah. There are currently 21 million Jews in the world. The reason for the lower number is the lack of missionary activities. According to the holy book Torah, one cannot become a Jew but is born one only. There are only one or two sects. It is the most mystical religion and closest to God.




It is located to the north of Israel. Its total area is 10,400 km2. Although the official religion of the country is Islam, half of the population is Christian. Its population comprises of Muslim Arabs, Maronites, Gregorian Armenians, Phalangists, Orthodox Christians, and Palestinians. Despite being a republic, half of the country is under the control of the Hezbollah terror organization. It is in war with Israel. Although it seems modern, it is one of the biggest enemies of Israel. Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism exist in theocratic, geopolitical, media-based, cultural levels.


It is located to the northeast of Israel. Its total area is 185,180 km2. Its capital is Damascus. Its official religion is Islam. Its population comprises of Gregorian Armenians, Christians; Shiite, Kurdish Muslims. Despite being a republic, it is under totalitarian rule. Ethnic conflicts following the Arab Spring grew into a civil war as a consequence. It is one of the four greatest enemies of Israel. It is currently in war with Israel. Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism exist in theocratic, geopolitical, media-based, cultural, ideological, commercial levels.



It is located to the east of Israel. Its total area is 89,342 km2. Its capital is Amman. Its official religion is Islam. Its population comprises Christians, Fatimids, Hashemites and Sunnis. It is a monarchic kingdom. It is ruled by the royal family of the Hashemite dynasty. Although it is enemies with Israel, after the peace treaty of 1987 it has built diplomatic ties with Israel. Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism exist in theocratic, geopolitical, media-based, bilateral levels.



It is located to the south of Israel. Its total area is 1,001,450 km2. Its capital is Cairo. The official religion is Islam. Its population comprises Christians, Sunni Muslims, and lesser Armenians. Influenced by the Arab Spring, its people have overthrown Hosni Mubarak and elected a member of the Muslim Brotherhood as president. Despite being a republic, it is a theocracy. Although being one of the four greatest enemies of Israel, diplomatic ties exist since the peace treaty of 1978. Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism exist in theocratic, geopolitical, media-based, cultural, and commercial levels.


Saudi Arabia


Located near Israel, its total area is 2,149,690 km2. Its capital is Riyadh and official religion is Islam. The population predominantly is composed of the Sunni and Wahhabi sects of Islam. It is an absolute theocratic monarchy, ruled by strict sharia law. It is one of the most bigoted Arab countries. Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism exist in theocratic, geopolitical, media-based, cultural, military, and commercial levels.




Located in the far vicinity of Israel. Its total area is 1,648,195 km2. Its capital is Teheran and official religion is Persian Islam. Persians, Shiites, Kurds, Turks, Turks, traces of Jews, multitude of Gregorian Armenians comprise the population. It is a theocratic republic. The strict religious regime established by Imam Khomeini following the overthrowing of Shah Reza Pahlavi still prevails. It is the primary of the four greatest enemies of Israel. It also leads the countries which support terrorism. With scientific aid primarily from North Korea, Russia and China, it has attained the level to successfully manufacture nuclear weapons. It is the biggest material and moral supporters of Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah. It suits an extremely and subtly deceitful, cunning strategy. Although it is subject to economic sanctions of the UN, it breaches the said embargos through several courses subcontracting third countries such as Sudan, UAE and Algeria. Lately, Iran has built several large surveillance stations across Golan Heights to monitor Israel. It also supplies Hezbollah Terror Organization with machinery and arms to dig tunnels from the Lebanon territories into Israel. It has also initiated counter-Jewish lobbying activities thanks to the Muslim-American population. They are organized in Toronto. Additionally, they are competing against Turkey in becoming the leader of the Islamic world. They run a widespread intelligence web in Germany, Britain and Spain in the EU. Lately, due to the increasingly anti-Semitic attitude of Hungary, it has been reported to conduct secret lobbying activities in this country. It provides large sums of financial aid to human rights associations and organizations in European countries. It is the country which produces the biggest number of anti-Israel films. It strives to prevail anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in the world with very widespread propaganda activities. Lately, it was detected to have run obscure activities in Southern Cyprus. Around 14,000 Jews are known to inhabit the country under strict monitoring. Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism exist in theocratic, geopolitical, media-based, online, cultural, military, personal, and commercial levels.




Located in the far north of Israel. Its total area is 777,562 km2. Its capital is Ankara. The official religion is Islam. Kurds, Laz, Circassians, Alewites and a trace of Christians and Jews comprise the population. The number of Jews living in this country is unofficially 14,348, with a 99% of majority of them situated in Istanbul. With the Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) rise to power, a significant emigration surge took place to Israel. Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are as prevalent as in Iran. The Islamic and political alliances formed by the Erdogan governments with the Arabs have increased anti-Semitism within the population, which has acquired a hostile perspective towards Jews. This standpoint has doubled after the “one minute” stand-off at Davos followed by the Mavi Marmara incident, so much so that even hotels were forbidden to hoist Israeli flags, and the Israeli State was presented as the archenemy. Although the Arab capital invested helped support the economy, many strategic institutions of the country –structures, plants, banks– were sold to the Arabs. Due to the crooked policies and the theocratic structure of the government, the country has slowly detached from Europe to further resemble an Arab country. As the government officials inoculate the public with neo-Ottoman dreams the Turkish people have deviated from the ideals of democracy and Ataturk to be completely guided by Iran. So much so that all weaponry and military technology acquired earlier from Israel was sent to Iran for inspection. The boundless support provided to Hamas is a brilliant example to this. Turkey is no more a trustworthy ally, and will never be again. The idea to reconcile with Turkey as voiced by certain dissonant people in Israel is simply self-delusional. A mindset that still considers Israel as Ottoman territory cannot ever be our friend.

One of the biggest problems of Turkey is PKK. Lately, Turkey’s hostility towards Syria has pushed them further to Iran. With the support and concessions of President Obama to Erdogan, Turkey is becoming a more active player in the region. Irrational and unnecessary support given to this country has helped Turkey achieve significant improvements with its industry and military. Although it seems friendly with Iran, they are in a covert rivalry with regards to Islamic leadership. The Jewish community in Turkey is more oppressed each day, but a group of Jews prefer to remain here to not disrupt their ongoing lives. The rabbinate as an institution has completely resigned to the pressure of the government and is turning a blind eye to everything. There is no future for Jews in Turkey anymore, but despite this situation, the volume of trade has doubled in the past years between the two countries. Yet, trading with this country is simply enriching our greatest enemy. Anti-Zionism, anti-Semitism is vastly present in commercial, cultural, media-based, internet, theocratic, geopolitical, and military levels.




Located near far south of Israel. Its total area is 437,367 km2. Its capital is Baghdad. The official religion is Islam. Kurds, Gregorian Armenians, Turkmens, Arabs, and a minority of Kurdish Jews comprise the population. Following the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, a vast political void was formed which gave way in recent years to a stable political structure. Following the numerous massacres Iran has committed to increase the Shiite population in this country, there seems to be an uncertainty with the governments in power. Because Turkey prevents a Kurdish state to be established in the northern region of the country, armed clashes ensue between the Kurdish population inhabiting this region and Turkey, which conducts aerial bombardments against the PKK camps located here. The majority of the Jews living in Iraq have emigrated to Israel. Geneticists claim that Kurds and Jews have a genetic connection, and some historians claim that Kurds are the lost 13th tribe of the Jews, whereas others argue that the said tribe are the Khazaria Turks who have already become Jews. Nevertheless, a Kurdish state to be established in the region would no doubt be beneficial to Israel. Still, anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism are present in this country in military, media-based, diplomatic, internet, cultural, commercial, and theocratic levels.


West Bank and Gaza


Located in the far north of Israel. Its total area is 777,562 km2. These two districts are inhabited by the biggest enemies of our country. The population living here consists of Palestinian thugs and terrorists who claim that every bit of Israeli land belongs to them. Although the Abbas administration in the West Bank is more moderate, because the Gazan population is ruled by Hamas, a terrorist organization, they have become one of the biggest problems of our country due to their terrorist activities targeted at Israel. This terrorist organization is supported by Hezbollah, Turkey and Iran in the lead. Although their home range is completely dependent on Israel, they have been attacking Israel with the military equipment smuggled from to the underground tunnels through the Philadelphia Road in the south. Unfortunately Israel has been nourishing these terrorists with support in kind, funds, equipment, food, etc. Their so-called constitution does not recognize Israel. These microbes are the primary reason that anti-Semitism has spread so widely in the world. They claim that the State of Israel does not exist and the Israeli lands belong to them. Thanks to the enemy states which support this notion, our country is going through its worst times in the world. As a matter fact, rockets launched from Gaza have caused substantial damage in Israel, but there have been no reactions from the world as opposed to fierce opposition when Israel retaliates by bombing this region. This is obviously double standards guided by anti-Semitism. This issue will be discussed in detail in the upcoming sections.



There are 193 states in the world of which all, whether completely or not, are under the hegemony of 12 powerful countries, in terms of military, economy or commercially. Nevertheless, all countries have a say at the United Nations, and thus are equipped with the right to vote and the right to speak, therefore empowering them. Arab capitals intruding in these countries have been increasing lately, and thus bringing in anti-Semitism, paving the way for anti-Israel sentiments. The perfect example is the most developed countries of the European Union which have been selling their most significant and strategic institutions and establishments such as manufacturing plants, banks, even fashion houses to Arab capital in order to revive their economies in crisis. United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Spain are live examples unaware that they are slipping down under the hegemony of Arabs. Arab population in some of these countries are as follows:



Arab Population


5 million


7 million (app)


2 million (app)

United Kingdom

6 million


2 million (app)


1 million

Nordic countries

3 million (app)



By means of their investments, they have a say in many crucial areas and key positions in the European Union, causing anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and hostile actions towards Jews increase. Secret lobbying activities by Iran and Turkey in these countries have been aiding these shady actions financially, politically, and logistically. Hamas and Hezbollah –two of the most evil enemies of Israel– have communication centers in these countries: centers and secret offices exist in Marseille in France, London in the UK, Munich in Germany, Milan in Italy, Barcelona in Spain, near Brussels in Belgium. The countries which have been financing these offices are primarily Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Algeria, and the United Arab Emirates. Many rich Arab businessmen who have escaped Lebanon have been investing in Spain. Apart from these countries, Russia lately has become the new playground for Arab lobbyists. Pursuing a dream of establishing a Eurasian Union in the region, Turkey has set up 922 businesses in Russia operating in construction, food, textile, hospitality, and jewelry sectors. Turkish and Arab capital are threateningly increasing in Kirghizstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tatarstan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine. The most malevolent activities are being conducted in Chechnya which has been receiving huge financial and coordination support from Iran, and thus has become an unofficial center for Iranian intelligence. Lately, the former Warsaw Treaty country of Hungary has also harbored increasing activities in a similar fashion.

Moreover, international human rights organizations and left-leaning institutions have been conducting anti-Israel propaganda on their legal and clandestine websites with the financial support of Arab businessmen. They are most intensely based in Geneva, Switzerland. There are 18 human rights organizations based here, the largest of which is the Theodora Foundation founded by Princess Sophia, the middle daughter of the exiled Greek King Konstantin. Under the guise of an institution aiding children with leukemia, the finances transferred to this foundation has been funneled to Palestinian aid organizations. The second largest headquarter of the foundation is in London. The secondary mission of these foundations is to incite anti-Israel propaganda at the UN. Unfortunately, leftist Jewish academics, professors, literati, writers and filmmakers are also known to help with these anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist activities. Leftist professors in the David Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba are known to secretly support these sinister organizations. Recently, many anti-Israel films to have been made and books written are the works of these so-called intellectuals.


Israel and Judaism from the viewpoint of the United States of America


The United States of America, as the richest and most powerful country of the world is like a second home to the Jews. Although known to be the freest country in the world for Jews following Israel, in recent years, especially following 9/11, dislike against the Jews has risen. With the rise to the power of Obama, this dislike has slowly transformed into a bilateral anti-Semitism, resulting in the fading of the power of the Jewish lobby –the most powerful lobby of the country. Once supporting the State of Israel without any conditions against world conjuncture, the USA lately has come up with preconditions or some sanctions at the United Nations, though not substantial. The Jewish population in this country is more or less 6 million. Although this number is few in a country with a total population of 314 millions, the Jews have been active in the administration, academia, commerce, film, military and almost all crucial sectors of life. There are many Jewish senators in the House of Representatives among the Republicans.

It is surprising that some part of the American population stands at a distance towards the Jews. Recently, legal or clandestine financial lobbies lead predominantly by Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar have been raising awareness the Arab population in the country stealthily helping anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism to spread. Arab and Muslim population in the USA is around 8 million. Mostly working in the lower standard service sector until recently, they have slowly risen to be present at many areas of life, and this situation poses a danger the Jews must attend to.


The Arab capital finds place in important centers such as Toronto, Las Vegas, New York, and Boston. Currently in the United States of America, there are 42 Muslim youth establishments, 57 Muslim aid associations, 1,128 religious associations. The number of Arab professors and academicians currently employed at universities is 433. Two major Hollywood production companies belong to the Arabs. These numbers indicate that sneakily an Arab lobby is being formed in the USA. Significant bilateral anti-Semitism currently exists in this country which might transform into theocratic anti-Semitism in time.


Israel and Judaism from the standpoint of China and Japan


Progressing each day with the commercial aid of Europe and the USA, China has always harbored a political view lenient of the Arabs. Just like in the USA, China is also known to be under the influence of Arab capital, although a balanced bilateral anti-Semitism exists. Though their relationship with Israel seems to be close, they are contrary to this country. They have a substantial trading volume with our country. Although not proven, it is reported that 5,000 Jews live in China.


The powerhouse of the Far East, Japan is in good relations with Israel, though it can be identified to harbor bilateral anti-Semitism, just like China. Israel’s trading volume with Japan is substantial, however recently, it is also trying to attract Arab investment to its country.



There are a total of approximately 18 million Jews living in the world today: 6,340,000 in the USA, 7,120,000 in Israel, 1,730,000 in Europe and the rest in Africa, Russia, Canada, Australia, and Asia. The Jewish Nation is known to adhere to their religious convictions, though Jews living in countries other than Israel and the USA are not so fanatical. As such, a union and unison was not achieved with the rest of the world after the establishment of the State of Israel. Their heterogeneous structure prevents this.


The economical conformity of certain Jews in the country they currently live, the family structure maintained, marriage with people from other religious beliefs, and most importantly the uncertainty of an income in Israel as opposed to a desire to immigrate have been preventing Jews to get closer to Israel. This condition is quite dire with regards to the current situation. Marriages conducted with people of other religions incite assimilation.


Apart from the above factors, it is a tragedy that those described as National Traitors –socialist, Jewish professors, academics, writers– have been badmouthing Judaism and especially the State of Israel, injecting the Jewish youth with ideas of Socialism and anti-Zionism. This is why it is not possible for Jews to regard countries other than Arab States from a negative stance.


In competition with their rivals in commerce, Jews are less often known to take up with politics. Jews living in Israel are mostly focused on the Palestinian issue. These Jews can be considered luckier than those living outside of Israel in spite of everything, and they show no hostility against any countries but the Arab states, because the Israeli Nation has been pacified dealing with economic hardships, the Palestinian issue, and a social life struggle.



If one were to ask which of the world’s nations is the most resilient and tenacious, the Jewish Nation would be the doubtless reply. But why? Judaism since its beginning has struggled against both its enemies and its dreadful destiny for thousands of years. Tragically, this struggle is going on even today, and an effective, precise solution has not been presented yet. It’s agonizing that 1 million Arabs reside in a Jewish State whose total population is 8 million. These people have unavoidably have been integrated to many areas of the country. Although they have been living in comfort among us, they regard us as occupants, and many of them are in direct or indirect contact with Arabs outside of Israeli territory. This is a very dangerous situation for our country, and a threat to our future.


The addition to the above are traitor leftists, academicians, writers, professors, artists, and the leftist human rights associations and organizations which support them. The outlook is very ominous. Reviews from the outside, everything seems to be working fine in the State of Israel, however, the reality is the contrary. It is shameful that neither the government nor the public are aware of the dangers. Although these are known, a definite solution has not been suggested. While leftist so-called human rights organizations have been doing their best to normalize these threats, pragmatist leftist professors have been striving to erase Zionism from the heads of the young generation at universities and high schools. Just like a celebrated writer has mentioned, “when I arrived in Israel 30 years ago, there were Zionists in this country, but now there are only Jews.” This statement clearly shows that the country is alienated from Zionism every day. This process is helped with the fact that the Israeli population is totally adhered to democracy. However, our people should know that too much democracy would damage the state tradition –being open to everything is more dangerous than not being open at all.


Aside from this, many enemy states, which benefit the most from this extreme democracy, use the people we can call national traitors and form lobbies in Israel. The most obvious example of this is the Union Of Jews From Turkey In Israel –an active association based in Bat Yam. This association is headed by Zali Detoledo, who was the Israel’s culture attaché in Istanbul. Although this association seems to be helping fresh immigrants from Turkey, its main purpose is to carry out propaganda in favor of Turkey. Conducting the internal and external organizations of the association is Rafael Sadi, a self-proclaimed journalist who often is interviewed on Turkish TV making statements that are defacing to our image. He welcomes press members from Turkey at the clubhouse of the association and makes statements as if he is a government official, however he is not even a high school graduate. Many government officials, unawares of the reality, have given interviews to him. Although many citizens have criticized him, this man replies that democracy in Israel is endless and that he could do whatever he wanted to.

This proves that too much democracy just harms a country. The activities of this association and these people should be thoroughly inspected, and controlled.


Left-leaning human rights organizations in Israel


The most dangerous of our internal enemies are these nation and state traitors. These organizations –small or large– are transmitting propaganda messages in opposition of our country and our defense forces, which in effect are legal anti-Zionism propaganda. Active under the context of democracy, these evil institutions harm our country more than the Arab states. When they are criticized, it is told that the legal system of our country permits their activities. However, no country on earth is as tolerant towards these kinds of establishments as Israel –no country on earth would harbor a clearly harmful establishment. But if our socialist-prone legal system permits these activities, there is something clearly bizarre, and the relevant laws must immediately be amended. Just like Napoleon has said, “if extreme democracy is not stopped by democracy, then extreme democracy will stop us by democracy,” and our fate will be similar if not intervened soon.


These above-mentioned evil nests are kept alive with enormous financial support provided from abroad. These organizations are in constant contact with the European Union, leftist fractions in the USA. With the help of numerous websites they have set up, they have been poisoning the youth via leftist university and high school professors. The leftist parties in our country also provide them with boundless support. They have been doing everything in their power to destroy our country. The press also plays a very crucial role. One of the most renowned newspapers of the country, Haaretz, is the leading supporter of these wicked serpents. Each day, this newspaper runs a story or article that maligns Israel, the State or the IDF, like they have made alliances with our Arab enemies, they write these articles as if it is a mission of insult and defamation. In addition, several left-leaning magazines, books and other publications run issues criticizing the government. TV stations also follow suit. There are but a handful of establishments left in the country that reflect the true voice of the State of Israel or Zionism. In review of the situation, one doubts, if the country is fast shifting left?



If asked anyone who recognizes Israel more or less, one would point out three major powers that run Israel: the Press, the Supreme Court and the other courts, and finally Professors and Academics.


The judicial system is the most important element of a country. If the judicial structure of a country is weak or partisan, chaos is imminent. As such, although Israel seems to be a very democratic country with an impartial judicial structure, this system is based upon a leftist perspective, especially the Supreme Court, which consists of left-leaning judges except for a few. This is obviously the reason why lately we have been more often hearing the news of the Supreme Court halting the government-ordered demolition of unauthorized Arab houses. There are similar views and voices in the commission established to inspect into the Mavi Marmara incident. There is no other country in the world which tries its own generals and military forces for protecting its own. This is disrespect for the army, and contempt for the country in the eyes of the whole world. The enemy states perceive as if the State of Israel shows no respect or has confidence in its own army –a banana republic! The foreign countries think that the Israel legal system slightly favors Arabs over Israelis. But, how come an Arab is more rightful than a Jew in the Court of the Jewish State? If such an opinion has formed in foreign states, this is the doing of leftist organizations and signals that the judicial system is also under the effect of leftist fractions.



The youth of a country is doubtlessly its most treasured asset, the foundation of its future. The future benefits of the young generation depend on how well and educated the youth is. As the final stage of learning, higher education is one of the most crucial factors in shaping and orientating the young generation. However, we sadly witness that most of the instructors on duty at these important institutions are either left-leaning or anti-Zionists. These individuals, with their leftist doctrines, views, ideas, alienate our brilliant youth from Zionism and our Country, persuading and methodically indoctrinate them into sympathizing with Arabs. Especially mingling with Arab students at Israeli universities, our youth confronts with another menace: covert assimilation –a male or female student falling in love with an Arab student. Drama follows, and this is the consequence plotted by the leftist fractions. Parties frequently organized at universities with both Arab and Jewish students participating give way to this threat too, with the premise of so-called humanism, Jewish students befriend Arabs. In the face of all these developments, the government is turning a blind eye, taking no precautions with the pretext of democracy. These are all covert, stealthy plans plotted by Arab-guided leftist organizations. How long should these be tolerated? Each year, more than 2,000 Jewish youngsters are assimilated worldwide. Should we lose the Israeli youth in addition as well?



The State of Israel is globally known to be the USA’s stronghold in the Middle East. Conducting everything in cooperation with the USA, the State of Israel has always been the best friend and strategic partner of this country. It is a more than pleasing cooperation, one that conveys great safety. However, as previously mentioned, with the Obama administration taking office, the relationship is transforming into BILATERAL ANTI-ZIONISM. Due to the secret lobbies that the Arab countries together with Turkey have established, the mutual confidence is cooling down. The latest examples are the USA not spending strong efforts at the voting at the UN against the declaration of Palestine as observer state; the USA condemning the construction of new settlements claiming that they are not legal. Although there is no reason to get very anxious for the moment, the future situation is unclear. The European Union with every opportunity condemns Israel, and this is an indication that our image is weak. But why do the countries of the world act like this?

Our government’s foreign policy is weak and ambiguous. Although this stance helps in instances to camouflage certain erroneous actions, it also decimates our perception as a state with self-assurance. For instance, the Turkish PM who had everything to say to us in public, was not even reprimanded except for a few puny replies, but why the whipping boy? This passive attitude of the government hurts the pride of not only Israeli Nation but also the pride of Jews all over the world. Unfortunately, Jewish diplomats cannot present themselves in the international arena as they should. The propaganda of a country is very crucial, however, no propaganda is see in the past few years except for those inside of Israel. Our government is preoccupied with the Palestinian problem, as if there is nothing else in the country to be taken care of.


The second important factor is our physical image. Heed my words. Take a look at the presidential offices or the PM’s offices in any country. What you will see is a splendid space, adorned, decorated with antiques and gilded furniture with a majestic background. In contrast, the office of our president consists of two small chairs with a little table in between and a theater curtain for a background. This is in no way an acceptance hall for a president. He is the president of the republic, representing a nation and a unitary state. If you mention this to an Israeli official, the first thing he will say is that we are a social country that does not overrate luxury or indulgence. But, this not right. That hall is the image of the State of Israel in the eyes of the whole world. A thoroughly stunning decoration is needed there as soon as possible. A decoration befitting our long history.

Israel is in focus with its latest scientific achievements, technology, the number of Nobel prizes its citizens win. However, this is not the whole of Israel’s image. Many of our government officials are inattentive of their attire. However, they should be role models to the whole world and our nation as well.

Our point is that, sadly, very few people in our country care about the way they dress; the rest even dress the same way abroad. However, an American or European Jew dresses fine and harmoniously. This is reflective of the life quality of a country.


The Israeli Defense Force


We must be proud that we have one of the strongest, most active, most strong-minded armed forces in the world. All countries desire to possess such an army determined to protect its country at any cost. In spite of its intimidating power, unfortunately its image is unflattering to say the least. Incomparable to its power, the IDF attire is insufficient. The officers and generals could have worn better, more striking uniforms. Especially when a foreign military officer or state official visits the country, the uniform worn by the guard of honor at the reception ceremony could be a more outstanding uniform designed suitably in line of our national traditions.

All the above contribute to the global image of Israel. We believe that this perception could be straightened out in a short time.



The State of Israel is located in the most critical region of the Middle East, a place we can define as a powder keg, thus increasing its importance in strategic and geostrategic terms. Moreover, our country is also an example of the Western culture and democracy. Considering it being surrounded by enemy states on three sides, the government should act cautiously considering all possibilities –not only in the light of internal problems but also increasing Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism in the world. That is why our country needs a very strong-minded, powerful political staff, of which the best example there is, is the LIKUD Party. We believe that none other than this party can rule the country better and more stable. The LIKUD Party administration consists of well-educated patriots, who have in the past warded off many threats, tough days. This is the simple reason why both internal traitors and socialist parties, together with foreign powers desire that LIKUD lose and is eradicated from the political scene. In opposition, LIKUD has been preserving the heritage of the great patriot Jabotinsky and their own patriotism since 65 years, and will do so in the future. In spite of the above, there are surely some shortcomings of LIKUD that I would like to list below:

  1. 1.The LIKUD government has to be more concerned with the economic problems of the people, and find satisfying solutions. A government which is successful in comforting economy is always persistent and powerful.
  2. 2.The government has to keep all its promises. An administration that forgets its promises from dusk till dawn does not gain respect.
  3. 3.The government must not concede to the Arabs or the Left, because the repercussions of each concession when not kept is negative abroad.
  4. 4.The government should not ever publicly disagree with the statements of a minister or MP; it should not ever make statements that deny or disagree with such an official with the claim that “this is his personal thoughts, not the government’s.” This is a very demeaning attitude and must be avoided.
  5. 5.Government officials whether at home or abroad should be able to very well present themselves, defending themselves deftly at any conversation or debate, without any concessions. In recent years our government has been silent in the face of many demeaning almost insulting statements of foreign officials. This is humiliating for the country, causing other countries to thin that Israel is accepting its guilt by keeping silent. Our government officials need to be adamant in defending and explaining our cause anywhere.
  6. 6.The injustice our country is being subjected to and the injustice of the United Nations must be explained by printing books, brochures, magazines, etc, organizing panel discussions, seminars, conferences, making our voice heard internationally. Numerous websites should also be launched to publicize and re-introduce Zionism.
  7. 7.Precautions must be taken to promote immigration, and encouraging laws should be made. Considering the vast number of Jewish youngsters assimilated each year all over the world, propaganda must be planned very wisely. We must not forget that the assimilated youth are victims of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. Therefore, a Ministry for Fighting Anti-Semitism must be established urgently. If our government is incapable of doing so, a trusted institution or organization must take this over.
  8. 8.The Jewish youth in all the world must be administered under one umbrella organization run from a single headquarter. There are many organizations in our country capable of managing this.
  9. 9.Education must be top priority, schools must be disciplined under secular rules, additional courses must be set up to teach and introduce Zionism and anti-Semitism.

10. Visas should not be granted to foreigners before clarifying who they are, what their motives and aims are. There are thousands of people who have visited Israel under the guise of journalist, author, or tourist, who have made films, written texts, conducted interviews critical of Israel in the past 10 years. These persons are granted visas or entry permissions by the Israeli consulates at their home countries. Numerous activists under the guise of tourists or businessmen have entered the country to support Palestinians and Arabs. This process is accelerated with the fact that citizens of European Union countries are not subject to visas. In short, anyone who has spoken of Israel is inside in 24 hours. Who are they, why have they come? There are especially a huge number of people who have come to Israel as journalists conducting so-called interviews and propagating lies against Israel. These people should never be granted visas.



Although the above are sadly thought-provoking and upsetting, they are the current basic problematics of the Jewish world and Israel. In spite of the difficulties to be faced in confronting the truth and finding permanent solutions, it is possible through determined, self-assertive, educated, unified, coordinated activities, ensuring decisive results. We would like to humbly present some proposals:

  1. 1.The State of Israel must declare Jerusalem as its eternal and single capital, against all difficulties and counter thoughts. This declaration would reflect the determination of the State of Israel without any negotiations or concessions, an expression of the importance given to Jerusalem by Judaism and the Israeli Nation.
  2. 2.Wealthy Jewish businessmen from all over the world must be arranged to visit Israel often as to encourage them to invest in the country. Promotional material should be prepared in this sense –books, films, magazines, etc– and panels and conferences must be organized in the capital Jerusalem. Necessary laws must be made for incentives an additional commission must be set up at the Ministry of Industry.
  3. 3.Land sales to foreigners must be forbidden. No state-owned business should be sold to foreigners, because lately this caused many workers to be laid off. This is not in favor of the LIKUD government.
  4. 4.We need to strengthen our military forces. In order to do so, we need to set up campaigns, collecting funds not only locally but also abroad. The navy must be a priority because the danger will come from the sea! Moreover, female soldiers must be prohibited from posting shabby or indecent photographs online to prevent foreigners from getting the wrong opinions about our military forces.
  5. 5.To prevent anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, numerous websites must be launched that tell about Israel and its history, explaining the injustices with all their clarity. Today, Internet is one of the fastest and most promotional tools available, and as such, assimilation would also be constrained. A Ministry of Propaganda must immediately be established and all the Jewish Youth must be congregated under one umbrella organization. As the Knights of Jerusalem Union, we are keen to support the entity.
  6. 6.The Government of Israel must cease to frequently mention peace in its statements whether locally or internationally. Mentioning peace reflects culpability, and is perceived as cowardice. No matter where or what, we need to express our rightful cause in unyielding determination and never swallow any rhetoric.
  7. 7.The Iran policy of Israel must be unwavering. To fight Iran, we need to develop long-range, remote-controlled, guided bombs because in case of a carpet bombardment by airplanes, could cause a few planes to be gunned down, and subsequently its pilots subjected to torture and publicly televised interrogations, which would all be incredibly frustrating for the Israeli nation. Therefore, the best way to fight off these evil serpents is electronic warfare. Israeli technology is capable of conducting such actions. When Esad is overthrown in Syria, Hezbollah will also be decimated, leaving Iran alone. Today Iran is most supported by North Korea, Sudan and China. We could prevent the military support extended to Iran by China by using our special missile agreements with China. Currently Iran harbors 242 Chinese, 97 North Korean military advisors and missile experts. They have also brought civil engineers from Argentina and Venezuela expert in building special-purpose military airports in the south of the country. Recently enforcing its naval forces, Iran has primarily emphasized military cargo ships. The aim being transportation of secret military equipment purchased from abroad under the guise of Iranian navy visiting foreign ports. The second purpose is to block Israel from the sea. This is the reason why we must strengthen our naval forces, disbanding the coast guard structure and building an open sea operational navy system. The North Sudan ports are observed to have increased activity pertaining to the Iranian navy. It is also believed that Iran has built a secret airbase in Armenia.
  8. 8.Palestine
    Actually it is unnecessary to even use this name because historically there has never been a
    Palestine in this region or a Palestinian State. That is why these vermin since 65 years have been fooling the world with the lies of being expelled from their homeland. Unfortunately they have been fooling both the world and our governments as well. And not one single persons has come up with the question to indicate “which past Palestinian state”? Our representatives at the UN need to be adamant, determined, snappy, hard-working against these activities and claims. Countries which are prone to anti-Semitism find this issue an opportunity to legalize anti-Semitism. The so-called anti-Zionism term has also been coined by these countries. Obviously, the Palestinian problem is much worse than Nazism and is like a virus without any treatment.
    Policies that must be followed by our government:
    1. a.Making rational, believable and promotional statements to the world;
    2. b.Making believable programs and launching websites;
    3. c.Organizing conferences, panel discussions, seminars;
    4. d.Lobbying in several countries;
    5. e.Making forceful laws, explaining and convincing the world that Palestinian Arabs have never and will never like the State of Israel and that these laws were made preemptively;
    6. f.Removing Arabic signs, texts, from the street signs, and the money bills, because as we keep these Arabic signs, we give the message to the world that Israel is a state with two nations. On the contrary, the State of Israel is a Jewish State and will forever remain so.



There are numerous institutions that could be of help to our government for the actions to be taken. Ready to extend a hand to the LIKUD government, are primarily the World Likud representatives and their dynamic staff. We are sure that they would take on any responsibility. Moreover, we are convinced that the Betar youth movement will gladly take part in such issues. We would like remind the authorities that they can count on the Knight of Jerusalem Union in all and any activities as they are more than willing to contribute morally or materially. We would be more than proud to help Zionism and Israel.







is a Zionist organization zealous in helping Israel.

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